Little Lucifer GNR on the Daly River

Posted by on 26 Feb, 2013
Little Lucifer GNR on the Daly River

We pulled up at No fish creek too see an out pouring of clear water mixing with the dirty river water, plenty of birds sitting along the edge and bait fish swimming around, could hear the barra thumping under the water so started flicking a few soft plastic around for 15 minutes but the fish were not even interested, so i went to my Favourite Go to lure, the Guns and roses little lucifer and flicked it towards the bank,no sooner had the lure hit the water, maybe three turns of the handle and a fish had smacked my lure and launched its massive body half way out of the water and took off into the current, with line peeling off quickly we untied the boat and with about 15 metres of line left on my spool we gave chase, after a good fight and a few hairy moments with a massive tree floating down the river getting my line tangled, this beautiful fish was netted, measured and photographed then swam and with a huge thump of her tail swam off to fight another day.

Clinton Trewartha

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Flathead in Hervey Bay Queensland

Posted by Kristie on 19 Feb, 2013
Flathead in Hervey Bay Queensland

Got this 75 cm Flathead in Hervey Bay Queensland on your Little Lucifer! Got it on my second cast! It was a great fight on my 1-3 kg rod and my 1000 spin reel!

Reidy's Lures are the greatest lures going around, Top quality hooks, outstanding action, looks great and the best part is your lures are Australian!

Keep up the great quality lures!! There is not another lure in this country that won't beat them, they catch nearly every fish so I'm going to continue to use these for the rest of my life! :)

Murray Cod on Reidy's Weedies

Posted by on 30 Jan, 2013
Murray Cod on Reidy

After experiencing catching barramundi on soft plastics up north, I decided I wanted to try soft plastic in the Murray river  back home to catch the mighty murray cod. So one Saturday afternoon, while my wife went off to work I decided to go fishing and have a go.  Armed with the Reidys 100mm gold dust weedies soft plastic, I put the boat in and went fishing below the Tocumwal  bridge.

Because it was the first  time with the plastics I thought I would tie up onto a snag( instead of using the electric motor) and work the lure around the boat, over all the timber. I was amazed how the weedie did not snag up at all. Then I had a take, and after abit of a fight I landed a 55cm murray cod . Wow success, these plastics do work on murray cod. So after catching this cod I decided to move further down the river.

After a little bit of searching I found a nice old snag with plenty of depth of water which I thought looked quite appealing for a cod. Over went  the weedie and as it was dropping I noticed the line was really spooling of the reel , so I flicked the bail arm over and put some weight on the rod , and sure enough the fight was on. The fish must have taken the weedie on the drop. After about 10 minutes and the thought that  he had snagged me, up came a huge 120cm murray cod, the biggest I had caught or seen. After a quick photo on my flip phone I released the fish back into the water. The fish of a lifetime, what a day.


David Duncomb

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