Reidy's Lures


The Taipan lure is 90mm in length & weighs approx 18g. This lure also has the Reidy's characteristics of rolling body action, fast tail beat & internal rattles. The Taipan has a great reputation on catching trophy Barramundi as well as many other tropical sports fish.The lure is also at home on many southern species including Australian Salmon, Tailor & many other estuary & coastal fish. The lure comes in 2 versions that being a 2 metre diver & a 3 metre diver. The 2 metre diver is towed by the nose of the lure & the 3 metre diver is towed by the towing eyelet that is fitted to the bib. The 2 metre version is fitted with heavy duty split rings & heavy duty size 2 treble hooks, whilst the 3 metre version has the same split rings but heavy duty size 1 treble hooks. The Taipan 2 & 3 metre lures can be either trolled or cast.

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